Youth With A Mission: The Big Picture

"I saw a map of the world with waves crashing onto the continents, advancing inland until all the nations were covered. As I watched, the waves became young people of all races...talking to people on street corners and outside bars. Going from house to house. Helping the lonely and the hungry. Caring for people everywhere they went..."

This is the vision that inspired Lauren Cunningham, a young Dutch man, to found Youth With A Mission fifty years ago. Since then, YWAM has become one of the largest non-profit Christian missions organizations in the world, with over 16,000 full-time volunteers, and bases in 171 nations around the globe.

For more information on YWAM and how to get involved please visit http://www.ywam.org/ or http://www.ywamsalem.org/

Before you can join the world wide organization of YWAM, you must first finish a training school called the DTS.

What is a DTS?

Very good question!
Here is what YWAM Salem says about their DTS at www.ywamsalem.org/dts
"DTS will ruin you for the ordinary...9 to 5 "NO THANKS"... dinner tv bed "BORING"...an opportunity to revolutionize the face of the planet "BRING IT ON"....YOUR ADVENTURE STARTS HERE...

The DTS is our foundational training school in Youth With A Mission. DTS is all about you falling head over heals in love with Jesus and catching HIS heart for the nations! Our objective is not to fill your head with information, but rather encourage you in your daily walk with God. The course consists of three months of classroom training followed by two months of outreach involving the application of principles learned in the classroom.


The Outreach Phase is a time for you to share the good news of Jesus Christ with people who have never experienced His transformational love. You will be immersed in a cross-cultural setting with opportunities to put into practice what you learned in the lecture phase. We've recently sent teams to Russia, India, China, Thailand, Azerbaijan, Myanmar, Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Morocco and Egypt."
You can learn more, as well as find information on every DTS across the globe, at http://www.ywam.org/!