Sunday, April 3, 2011

method to the madness

It seemed like a perfectly reasonable Expectation at the time, "to blog in Africa".
I even knew how I would accomplish it. You know, since I'm a leader now, all I would have to do is just jaunt down to the nearest Internet Cafe whenever I had a free moment and take as long as I needed to make everything perfect!

But even the best laid plans can go wrong somehow. First: there are no free moments when leading a DTS outreach. And second: the Internet Cafes turned out to be nothing like cafes at all. They are actually small, dark rooms filled with computers that probably roamed the earth right alongside the dinosaurs. Hunched over the antique machines, squinting in the dim light, sweat dripping off my body, and a generator drowning out my thoughts, I did my best to peck out an update or two. Two hours later, when the generator quit and I lost everything, I mentally cursed the very idea of blogging and stomped out of the building.

Epic fail.

Fast-forward three months and you will find me back in Oregon, bundled in sweaters, cozied up with my computer in the local cafe. I have no more worries. The internet has perfect signal and I can smell something remarkable just coming out of the oven... so why is my every waking thought consumed with the place I just left?

Truth be told, my heart is split between two worlds. I love America--where freedom of speech and comfort abounds! But I also love those far away villages where life just seems so much simpler, and so much more... real.

So let me take you with me, back to Uganda...

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